TONFA - the Okinawan Martial Arts Weapon

These traditionally constructed tonfa are made of hardwood and designed for maximum efficiency.

Available in four sizes,
including a 14-inch style that's made especially for youth.
The 14-inch tonfa feature 3-inch grips.
The 18-, 20- and 24-inch tonfa feature 4.25-inch grips.

Sold in pairs.

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Tradiational Hardwood Tonfa

Beautifully crafted from Ash Wood, these Tonfa are ergonomically cut to fit your hands.

Grips feature enlarged end caps to prevent sliding.

Available in three sizes:
14-inch shafts with 2.75-inch grips;
17-inch shafts with 3-inch grips;
19.5-inch shafts with 3.5-inch grips.

Sold in pairs.

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Wooden Okinawan Tonfa

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The Tonfa is one of the oldest martial arts weapons, with an interesting history of development.

It is widely used throughout the world with many students perfecting skills that have been passed down from dojo to dojo and master to master.



The Tonfa is a very basic weapon and simple in its appearance, however, it is a very versatile weapon that requires years of practice to master – but once mastered, it is a amazing piece of martial arts equipment.

The Tonfa itself has given rise to several variations of the basic weapon – the PR-24 side handle police baton, or Police Baton is one typical development.


Traditionally made from red oak wood, the Tonfa is a weapon for both hands – and as such is used in pairs as a double handed weapon, generally only for self defence.

As with all weapons, we find the Tonfa is more than capable of holding its own as a full on offensive attack weapon – and very effective it is too
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Many of the different martial arts disciplines encourage the practice of using a Tonfa as well as the use of many other  Okinawan Martial Arts Weapons, however, the Tonfa is found in the modern martial arts clubs these days with  both Training and Techniques being taught to many students.


Many Karate, Judo and all Kobudo clubs often teach their students these techniques as well as Formal Kata alongside their normal syllabus of martial arts training to enhance the students skills.


Japanese fighting weapons are many and varied, with a long and interesting history. Their sizes and shapes have changed little over the years and the weapons you see now are much the same as they would have been back in the days of the Samurai Warriors of old.


Martial arts training that uses many different types of weapons is often seen in the Dojo’s today and should be encouraged, in keeping with the old traditional ways of Okinawan martial arts weapons.

Tonfa block against knife attack

This martial arts website aims to give information on the Tonfa, with pages on Tonfa training and techniques, sparring techniques and kata as well as a host of informative video – Hopefully, there’s something here for everyone.
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There are countless traditional styles of combat that are often referred to as Martial Arts.
From eastern fighting practices in Asian, to combative methods in ancient Europe, these techniques have been grouped together under the Martial Arts umbrella term.

In recent times, competitive Martial Arts has become extremely popular worldwide and the most well known, competitive discipline has been dubbed mixed-martial arts or MMA, a non-weapon based combat sport which combines multiple elements from many different types of Martial Arts.


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Basic Tonfa Techniques

 Basic Tonfa Techniques For anyone who trains with weapons (Kobudo)  the tonfa is a weapon that can be used very creatively  and can produce results very quickly.   However, to become confident in its use takes a long time     Training with Tonfa will improve many areas: Build up your reflexes and confidence Get …

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How to choose a Tonfa

Choosing a Tonfa As with all martial arts weapons it is vital that the weapon is both safe to use for yourself and anyone you might be sparring or training with, so choosing a Tonfa and sizing them to suit your body size and shape is very important. It is essential that you keep all martial arts weapons in good shape. …

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What is Kata

What is Kata   Kata comes the Japanese word describing a precise set of choreographed movements set out  in a an exact manner that can be practised either solo or in pairs. There is also the term form which means the same but is used for other martial arts in general. Kata isnt just exclusive to martial arts. There are many traditional Japanese procedures …

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Mouth guard for martial arts

Mouth Guards for Tonfa &  Martial Arts   Mouth guards are essential equipment, especially when sparring in any contact sport and when using a martial arts weapon. Fortunately, there are a few to choose from and here is a couple to get you started..      The innovation begins with the Ever-Mold Composite, a patent-pending …

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