Essential Tonfa training techniques


Basic Tonfa training



 Before attempting any  sparring or moves with a Tonfa it is very important to master the basic techniques and be able to use your Tonfa with confidence. Droping the Tonfa is very common when you first start training and this is something everyone does!

Learning to control your Tonfa is the most essential part of training.  Remember – Never attempt any technique with a training partner untill you are have mastered the technique freehand without a partner. When practicing your Tonfa techniques it is good practice to use a ‘training’ Tonfa  that is designed to reduce injury when you accidentally hot yourself or your partner.

And, trust me, you WILL hit yourself..!


 How to choose and use your Tonfa 

this is a good video explaining what you need to know about your Tonfa before starting training

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the Full sparring Tonfa is much more solid and able to withstand the force of atacks & blocking


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 Basic Tonfa control & movement techniques 

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 When you have trained and mastered these basic Tonfa training techniques and feel confident with the moves you need to train your body to adopt the correct stance  when exicuting that particular strike or block.

You can then progress to training with a partener and learning how to move around using your body to increase your techniques and power. This is know as Tia Sabaki and good body movement will increase your overall use and skill with the Tonfa.

Now you have the basics theres only one more thing to do

– practice, pratcice and more  practice – every day.