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Tonfa history

Tonfa girl kicking

    Tonfa History and the origin of the Tonfa.   As with most martial arts weapons the true origin of the Tonfa is debateable. The Tonfa is generally considered as an Okinawan martial arts weapon. However, exactly where the origin of the Tonfa comes from is not certain, but the expert s believe it originated …

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How to choose a Tonfa

Choosing a Tonfa As with all martial arts weapons it is vital that the weapon is both safe to use for yourself and anyone you might be sparring or training with, so choosing a Tonfa and sizing them to suit your body size and shape is very important. It is essential that you keep all martial arts weapons in good shape. …

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How to measure a Tonfa for the correct size

  How to correctly measure for a set of Tonfa It is essential to use the correct size Tonfa  Tonfa was developed to be a defensive and attacking weapon, therefore it must achieve certain criteria to be effective. That is it must protect the areas it’s designed to protect. All the blocking techniques used in Tonfa training require the Tonfa to …

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