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Tonfa sparring techniques and training methods

Tonfa sparring training   The natural progression, once you have learned the basic Tonfa attacks and defensive blocks, is to start some sparring with a training partner. The most important thing to try to remember is to start slowly and build up your skill level gradually. Never, ever, try full sparring without a head guard and groin …

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Basic Tonfa Techniques

 Basic Tonfa Techniques For anyone who trains with weapons (Kobudo)  the tonfa is a weapon that can be used very creatively  and can produce results very quickly.   However, to become confident in its use takes a long time     Training with Tonfa will improve many areas: Build up your reflexes and confidence Get …

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Martial arts tonfa techniques

Tonfa block against knife attack

Martial arts and tonfa techniques      Below is a martial arts and tonfa related video, showing various ‘interesting’ techniques. Although some of the demos and moves may not be strictly Tonfa or strictly martial arts, they are still useable techniques that, in the right situation, could be used to good effect. Kata and demonstration martial arts are a quite …

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Tonfa Techniques using stance and body position

Tonfa Front Strike

Tonfa Techniques using stance and body position Correct stance and body position are  essential when using the Tonfa.   The standard Tonfa ‘fighting’ stance is shown here > The hands are in the ‘relaxed’ fighting position the same as if you were boxing except you are holding Tonfas. From here there are many attacking and …

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Tonfa Training Techniques

Body movement [Tia Sabaki]   In all martial arts one of the most important thing to learn first is body movement. Regardless of your chosen discipline, whether is be Judo, Karate or whatever,  every good fighter and martial artist with have fluid, continuous  body movement. This is also an essential part of Tonfa training techniques. The Japanesse …

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