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Martial arts Special Offers and Freebies

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                    TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THESE SPECIAL OFFERS & FREEBIES Free Pair of 180″ Hand Wraps when you spend $100 or more on anything adidas only at!   Buy any 3 a pairs of Venum shorts and get a 4th pair FREE only at!   …

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Tonfa Weapons Bag

tonfa weapons bag

  Tonfa Weapons Bag    Keeping you Tonfa and any other weapons safe and secure whilst transporting them between dojo’s is important – so a Tonfa Weapons Bag, like those shown below will come in very useful.   Typical Tonfa Weapons Bags shown below:                     Protect …

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Tonfa Equipment

trainin gi

Tonfa Equipment A lot of people will practice their skills in the back their back yard without any additional Tonfa equipment. Just you and a Tonfa, practising your skills, body movement and kata routines. For this type of training, you require no additional equipment or even a training partner. In fact you could even train with just one Tonfa..! …

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Tonfa for Sale

Tonfa For Sale If your serious about your martial art and have decided to to take it further and learn more Tonfa techniques then you have got to invest in your very own set of Tonfa.A lot of people ask ‘where can I buy Tonfa’ and rightly so as it is not generally available in …

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Mouth guard for martial arts

Mouth Guards for Tonfa &  Martial Arts   Mouth guards are essential equipment, especially when sparring in any contact sport and when using a martial arts weapon. Fortunately, there are a few to choose from and here is a couple to get you started..      The innovation begins with the Ever-Mold Composite, a patent-pending …

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