Mai Sun Sawk, a Tonfa’s close relative.

 The Mai Sun Sawk is a very close relative if the Tonfa and is used in the martial art of Krabi Krabong which is 

a fighting system with heavy emphasis on the use of weapons, namely:

  • Krabong – staff/pole

  • Loh – shield/buckler

  • Plong – stick

  • Ngao – halberd

  • Daab Song Mue – double swords, one in each hand

  • Mai SawkMai Sun Sawk – a pair of clubs worn on the forearms



This martial art comes from Thailand. With Its name referring to the two main fighting weapons used in Krabi Krabong, the sword – Krabi and the staff Krabong


Photos courtesy of Mongrel Combative Arts











The Mae Sun Sawk

This weapon is very similar to the tonfa in is concept and design.

But the wood itself is much wider and thus requires a rope to be wrapped around the arm to use it as a defensive blocking weapon.

The additional ‘handle’ above the main handle is, in fact. more of a guard.


It looks like a very cumbersome fighting weapon and is definitely a forerunner to the actual, far more sleeker, Tonfa design.










The rope around the forearm appears to keep the  Mae Sun Sawk  secure and prevents it from being dropped.

Not too sure if this is a good idea  as it prevent you from realising the weapon.!