How to measure a Tonfa for the correct size


How to correctly measure for a set of Tonfa

It is essential to use the correct size Tonfa 

Tonfa was developed to be a defensive and attacking weapon, therefore it must achieve certain criteria to be effective. That is it must protect the areas it’s designed to protect.

All the blocking techniques used in Tonfa training require the Tonfa to deflect the attacking blow, so obviously your Tonfa must be strong enough. Next it needs to protect and cover the whole length of your forearm and and inch further past your elbow.
That way your main blocking area is fully protected.

To discover the correct way to find out your own Tonfa size please read on:


This chart gives the dimensions of the various sizes.


Choose your size by measuring your hand at the knuckles. If this dimension is tight or more than that given for the grip size go to the next larger size – the contour of the grip provides a good fit even if slightly larger than the hand.

Then measure your arm length from the center of the grip to the elbow. The length of the body should be to the end of your elbow or beyond as much as one inch.






There are many different styles, shapes, sizes and measurements of the Tonfa


If you are able to try out various sized Tonfa then another method is to compare the measurements of a tonfa you have handled and felt comfortable with.



Tonfa parts names

Along with the Tonfa size and measurements as shown above, the Tonfa is divided up into many parts with different names.

Shown here are the all the Tonfa part names with the Japanesse translation.

Tonfa martial arts weapon Part Names

Tonfa part names


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Foam training Tonfa generally only come in one size and are very basic in construction, normally with a plastic inner sleeve with a foam outer layer to the whole of the Tonfa, including the handle section.

The foam training Tonfa will not last anywhere near as long as a genuine oak wooden Tonfa.

In fact you can expect to get through quite a few sets of the foam training Tonfa when doing some serious training and especially during some heavy sparring.


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Okinawan Style Tonfa – $36.99
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Training Tonfa, suitable for general blocks and strikes, heavier than the foam Tonfa 

Tapered Square Tonfa – $36.99
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Training Tonfa, suitable for general blocksand strikes, heavier than the foam Tonfa 

Dragon Tonfa – $31.99
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 Decoractive display style Tonfa, will withstand blocks but moer suitable for Kata