Mouth guard for martial arts


Mouth Guards for Tonfa &  Martial Arts


Mouth guards are essential equipment, especially when sparring in any contact sport and when using a martial arts weapon.

Fortunately, there are a few to choose from and here is a couple to get you started.. 



The innovation begins with the Ever-Mold Composite, a patent-pending material that allows athletes to boil and mould, then re-boil and re-mould until they achieve the perfect fit, multiple times.

The correct fit allows the jaw to lock into a relaxed position, enabling your Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) to fill with natural fluids to compound the shock absorption qualities of the mouthguard.

Not only is this great for getting the right fit initially, for athletes with braces, this means they can re-mould the guard after orthodontic adjustments.

Whether you have braces or not, TapouT Mouthguard’s Perfect Fit Technology (PFT) is designed for the ultimate in fit and comfort.

Our Ever-Mold Advanced Composite is a patent-pending revolutionary material designed to be re-boiled and re-moulded multiple times without losing protective integrity – perfect for athletes with braces.


Always wash your mouth guard AND sanitize as often as posible – use a  UV / Ozone Sanitizer this will ensure you kill all the germs and bacteria – if your do not keep your mouth guard clean they will breed like crazy…



Then use a ANTI MICROBRIAL MOUTHPIECE CASE to keep it safe and clean.

Remember – never use someone else’s mouth guard.!



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