Our Essential Motorhome Requirements

Our Essential Motorhome Requirements

Essential Motorhome Equipment and the perfect layout

Well, the perfect layout for us anyway...!

We knew what we wanted and what was going to be a priority for us and simply worked back from there.
That way we had a good idea of our type of perfect motorhome layout and what would suit all our perceived needs for long term travel around Europe and the UK.

Our essential motorhome requirements were broken down into three main areas:

The Main Considerations for that perfect motorhome layout

Vehicle Mechanics

Storage Space

Living Essentials

Vehicle mechanics, storage space and living essentials were the three main considerations for us.
We had been to motorhome shows and to dealers and seen all the latest, and totally un-affordable for us, motorhomes.
Sure they were nice and shinny and yes we liked them, but nothing really made you feel like 'yes, this is the one', 'we could live in here'....
They never felt just right. And so the search continued.

Vehicle Mechanics

Obviously we needed a vehicle that would be man enough for the job ahead. After all we had plans to live full time on the road, which would mean potentially thousands of miles.

There are several motorhome chassis and drive chains available to choose from, but my idea that bigger would be better, giving a more efficient 'pulling power' when we needed it.

As well that, there would less strain on the engine when cruising down the motorways and auto-routes.

Fortunately, low mileage motorhomes are easy to find, in fact they seem to be in abundance.

After all most people buy a motorhome to use as a leisure vehicle for week here and there in the summer.
Then after using using them for three or four weeks they are put into storage for the rest of the year.

Then there's the make of the vehicle: This one is a bit contentious and I can only relate to my own research on the subject, but I was very much put off buying any Ford related vehicle, this was from many forums and sites really running them down, siting their very poor security and the ease that anyone can break in or steal the vehicle.

The motorhome vehicle for me stood out a mile. It was to be the Fiat Ducato with their biggest engine, the 2.8 litre Turbo Diesel. 
Reliable and powerful, tried and tested. Low miles on a diesel, anything under 50K, is barely run in and would last well over 100K.
If I could find one with with this spec I'd have a result!!!

Storage Space

Although there was just the two of us, it was going to be our home and as such we would have stuff, no where near the amount you squirrel away in a house, but stuff never the less.
Essentially it was to be our life in a box on wheels.

Warm weather clothes, wet weather clothes, nothing to bulky. Just one outdoor coat each. One pair of posh shoes, trainers and flip-flops. Some shorts, shirts and tee shirts. We needed to reduce down to the sort of thing that most people have dozens of, down to one or two.
With limited storage space we knew that this lot would take up at least a cupboard or two!

Reducing the cutlery to a couple of knives and forks (we had at least ten of each in our house) and a few plastic plates of various sizes. Maybe splash out and have a small saucepan AND big one.

Two sets of linen and few towels were considered a luxury! Then there's toiletries and personal items, as well as food storage (we intended making the most of 'off grid' living for as long as possible) for a week or longer if we can. 

All this and more in one little wobble box. What you take and what to leave is quite a decision.....

Living Space

What do you want and what do you need?

This was the easiest part, deciding on the internal layout we wanted. Actually finding that layout was more of a challenge...

  • Fixed Bed: Didn't want to climb up ladders or make a bed each day
  • Separate Shower: Especially for the off grid days.
  • Big Fridge And Freezer: Larger food storage.
  • Separate Shower: To keep the outside stuff in.
  • Lounge & Dining Area: Separate from bed area to relax in.

The actual layout should naturally follow if we  find a motorhome with these essential requirements. So what did we buy?
Click the button to find out....

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