Police Tonfa

The retractable police side arm baton

Police Tonfa – PR24


Also know as

Police Tonfa. the PR24 side handle baton. The side arm baton. The retractable baton.


Non-lethal controlled force is the key that makes this style of baton very popular amongst the modern security forces, police forces and the military.

Also popular with private citizens who have a vested interest in personal safety.

These ‘tactical’ Police Tonfa or batons are available in quite a range of styles and designs but generally the most common baton sold today is the standard side arm baton or the expandable baton. Both will work equally well, but are a matter of preference as to which the user will choose. Generally the main manufacturer who currently corners the market is  the ‘Monadnock Side Handle retractable Baton’ and is used by police forces the world over.

But…. the the big question is, to retract or not to retract..?.


Monadnock: PR-24 Control 24″,

< Expandable Baton .

Retacted and holstered. > 




 What are the big advantages of using the retractable baton.?


  • without doubt the No: 1 advantage is the size when retracted, is compact and unobtrusive to carry
  • the lightweight construction, again, make this easy to carry compared to the cumbersome full wooden baton
  • the very action of hitting the extend button and having it ‘spring’ into action is high visual control action  to offenders

————– but the choice is yours – to retract or not to retract,? ———————–