PR-24 Side Arm Baton

 PR24 – Police side arm baton


Sometimes called the PR24 side handle baton or the PR24 control baton


the PR24 Police Side Arm Baton


The offensive and striking capabilities of the PR-24 include thrusting, twirling and striking along with various Jujitsu style ‘take down’ and grappling techniques.The effectiveness of the PR24 Police Side Arm Baton as a combined attack & defence weapon has been proven, so much so it has been integrated into the equipment of modern police officers around the world and is now commonly know as the police baton or ‘nightstick’.




Here we have the standard PR24 baton

Most police forces tend to use the Monadnock – PR24, shown here.

The Monadnock is a very popular baton within the forces and are one of the top suppliers to the various Police Force. Monadnock have also developed their range and offer a superb retractable baton as detailed below;


PR24 retractable baton

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The biggest modification to the original Tonfa design has been made by the police and has resulted in the PR24 baton becoming a retractable weapon, enabling it to retracted or extended to full length as shown here:













One of the main applications for the PR24 is restraining a person in order to take control of  a situation.


Here we see simple locking technique being used to guide a person away. The lock is essentially on the shoulder but it can also be very painful at the wrist with very little effort on the part of the police officer.