Tonfa baton

Tonfa Baton is primarily used by police and military personel and not normally seen in the dojo

However, it is classed as a Tonfa and most  of the defencive, attack and control techniques are the same. Unlike the basic Tonfa the Tonfa Baton has a few differences, namely:


  • the addition of the larger end peice on the handle. 
  • The length of the Tonfa Baton 
  • The baton shaft has no taper or edge
  • The Baton shaft is a larger, uniform diameter




 The Tonfa baton is also know as:

  • Tonfa baton
  • Control baton
  • Police baton
  • Side handle baton
  • Tactical baton
  • Side arm baton
  • Night stick baton

The baton has been used as the stable control baton for many years and is a very effective means of defence and crowd control as seen in this riot situation:Although a very effective means of control the physical size of this baton is very cumbersome and, when holstered, make any form of running or climbing a very difficult task.So, as with the mill handle being developed into the Tonfa, the police baton needed to address the issues of the running and climbing obstacle.Therefore, as a natural progression, the Tonfa baton has also been developed even further for police and military use into a lighter metal baton.This baton is commonly know as the PR24 side arm baton and has the added function of being a retractable baton, clipped onto a utility belt, for quick and easy use. 

see PR24 side arm baton  for more information.