Tonfa Blades


Tonfa Blades

Another development of the Tonfa is that of the Tonfa Blades.

These weapons are very ornate and yet extremely dangerous.






The basic Tonfa blade is a development of the Tonfa where the wooden shaft is simply replaced with a metal blade.

As Tonfa blade progressed it was made, more often, from metal with the entire Tonfa blade being metal.

These type of weapons required very specialist training and techniques to master correctly as the chance of injury the the user was very high due to the various ‘add ons’ 


Traditional style of Tonfa Blades




Is the Tonfa blade a true martial arts weapon –

Well, in its basic form, yes. But the very fancy ornate type of Tonfa with blade that are shown here are more comic book ninja interpretations of the basic weapon.

The type of weapon you often see in the comic books rather than a practical true fighting weapon.

Think about it… you would have to be pretty dam special to even train with these type of weapons and would probably land up chopping your own arm of. !!!!

, you could never carry a Tonfa Sword on the streets..

In fact you would be very stupid to even try to train with a partner using tonfa swords.

So what do we use them for.?

Not much really – they make a nice ‘talking point’ hanging on your wall, maybe in an martial arts weapons display, but not for real life training and fighting. They were, for sure, made many years ago and used in combat, but thats about it.

There are quite a few comic book characters that portray fighting warriors

using the Tonfa Blades like the one below

tonfa blade girl