Tonfa Kata

 Tonfa Kata




odo nu tonfa ich

This is, without doubt, one of the best Tonfa Kata demonstrations you will see. 

The Kata in question is the ‘odo nu tonfa ich’i , tonfa kata and is performed by a member of Broward College Kenpo, Kobudo club. This Tonfa Kata is ‘the’ standard Tonfa Kata to learn with movements and techniques executed to all four sides and with two hand techniques.

I particularly like the way this Kata is performed in perfect rythem and at a very precise speed.

The martial artist performing the kata is giving his interpretation of the kata and it is exactly right, especially as some of the Tonfa techniques are very difficult to perform at uniform speed. 




 odo nu tonfa ich – Tonfa Kata

 Broward College Kenpo, Kobudo



kobudo tonfa kata matsuhiga no tonfa

A very nice controlled Tonfa kata. Notice that this Tonfa kata involves spinning the Tonfa to perform a strike to the head.


kobudo tonfa kata matsuhiga no tonfa




 Kata Hammahiga no tonfa





 Jushi no tonfa





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