Tonfa sparring techniques and training methods

Tonfa sparring training


The natural progression, once you have learned the basic Tonfa attacks and defensive blocks, is to start some sparring with a training partner.

The most important thing to try to remember is to start slowly and build up your skill level gradually.

Never, ever, try full sparring without a head guard and groin protection..

Thats the minimum amount of protection required but ideally for full sparring consider using as much protection as posible as you WILL get hurt, and boy, it sure does hurt sometimes.!

So never think putting on protective gear for sparring is for a wuss – its certainly not and far better to be able to spar again another day than have a plaster cast on your arm or a fractured skull..!




Tonfa Sparring

You dont have to simply spar Tonfa against Tonfa..!

There are a multitude of different martial arts weapons that will both test your Tonfa skills and sharpen them up too. These ‘other’ weapons include the various swords, short & long staffs, spears, knives and basically just about any other martial arts weapon you can think of, and some less conventional as well..

Generally, its not a good idea to spar against other weapons that have a sharp blade or are made of steel for the simple reason that any form of sparring against such weapons will definitely have an impact on the life of your Tonfa as well as increase the likelihood of any accidental injury being much worse than it could have been.

As you progress with your Tonfa training you will develop your own style and form against the various martial arts weapons and you will quickly see an improvement in your overall use of the Tonfa.

But remember….. practice, practice, practice – lots of practice and training, using the different techniques, blocks and attacks that have been learnt beforehand ans start  your sparring slowly – get it right, then speed up the attacks and you various blocks and counter attacks.



Here we have a good demonstration of controlled sparring

remember, this is a demonstration, so this sparring demonstration has required a lot of training and

a lot of hard work and practice to get to the level of skill shown. The martial artists giving this demonstration are high ranking senior grades and have taken a long time and practice in order to hone their skills to produce such a good demonstration. Watch right through as it gets better.!


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A good video of training sparring

controlled sparring between two martial arts weapons –  Tonfa & Bo

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A good instruction video of sparring

The Do’s & Dont’s of good sparring technique 

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