We’ve Only Gone And Bought A Motorhome

February 2019, We've Bought Our First Motorhome

So, we've finally done it. Gone and got ourselves a motorhome. After months, if not years, the right one, with the right layout, came up for sale, just ten miles down the road. Would you believe it!

The Best Motorhome Layout

The deciding factor that prompted us to buy a motorhome before we were really ready was the layout. We had been looking around for months, just to get an idea of what sort of designs were available.
Nothing really fitted the specifications we wanted. If one thing was right, then another would be wrong, we got to wondering if we would ever find something to suit us.
Would we have to compromise?

Patience Has Paid Off....

After looking at many with 'lesser' design qualities than we really wanted, we litterer stumbled across a local advert for a '6 berth motorhome', bigger than what we wanted, seeing as there's only the two of us.
But this one was different, it had been built new with a nice little modification that just what we wanted.
So off we trotted to view it and the rest, as they say, is history.  £19,500 later we were the new owners of our very own luxury, well luxury to us anyway, motorhome.

It was one of those, right place, right time sort of things and although the motorhome itself was some 14 years old, it was pretty immaculate and well looked after.
Only 39,000 miles on the clock and as sweet as a nut engine. The previous owners were giving up on this type of holidaying at the ripe old age of eighty and had treated it with loving care.

Because they were giving up this type of holidaying, they left all the equipment they had amassed as well. Things like outside table, van levellers, steering locks, pots, pans, the list goes on and on.
To top it all off, they even delivered it to us! 

They were truly lovely people and we felt very confident that we were buying a good motorhome, especially after some of the horror stories that you read about..
And what a good buy it has proved to be.....

So, What Is Our Perfect Motorhome Layout?

What were our requirements and why was is this motorhome so right for us?


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